3 Common Causes Of Wasted Time In The Workplace…And What To Do About Them

Time wasting happens in every workplace. However, a lack of productivity -- particularly when employees are being paid -- can be costly for your company and can put everyone behind on important projects. Although you might want to do something about all of the time that is wasted in your office, you first have to understand some of the core causes. These are a few common causes of wasted time in the workplace, and what you can do about them.

1. Lack of Supervision

Even the most motivated self-starters in the office can be tempted to slack off when they know that the boss isn't watching. Ensuring that there is ample supervision, such as by ensuring that there are sufficient managers for the number of employees in the office, can help prevent this problem and keep everyone in gear.

2. Poor Communication and Lack of Directions

There is a good chance that your employees don't even realize that they aren't being as productive as they should be. First of all, you should make sure that you provide solid, concrete instructions for your employees so that they know what they are expected to do throughout the workday. Depending on the job, this might involve providing a list of daily duties, or it might mean starting out each day with a short meeting to go over what should be accomplished that day. Communicating your expectations is important.

3. Lack of or Mismatch of Skills

Some people just don't have the ability to get the job done as quickly as they should. Along with ensuring that you are always hiring the right employees for each job, it's a good idea to take a look at each employee's skill set and productivity and determine if he or she is better suited for another job within the office. Reassigning tasks between employees can be a good way to ensure that everyone is doing a job that is best suited for them. It's also important to provide ample, regular training to make sure that each employee is properly prepared for and trained for his or her job.

Wasted time can be a big problem in the office; not only can it prevent your company from getting things done in a timely manner, but it can also result in a lot of unnecessary payroll expenses. Considering these three common causes of wasted time in the office can help, and you can always enroll your employees in time management training to provide them with the skills and knowledge that they need to get more out of their workday.